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The magic of Karlus
and do not miss the illusion ........, that is a motivation that helps us to live every day ......


Karlus magic feels very young, looking for ideas and tricks in magic books from libraries. It was that much love for magic, that he immediately began to make his first steps.


Later, as a partner in the S.E.I. Girona, he improved  his art with the other partners.


Together with Raul and Felix, they created the company "Magic Factory", and in October 1994 was presented at the national competition in France, winning the “National Award of great illusions”.

A year after, they applied for a Congress in Spain, where they won first prize of great illusions.


Then began performing magic at various conferences in Spain and Portugal, and almost always for consolidating as successful magicians ... until the end of 2009 when ended their “Magic Factory “way.


“Mistyc Dreamns” and “Kimera” are the two shows in which Karlus was co-producer, designer and builder actor.


Since then, the Karlus magic, is becoming a new reality, which surprises from the youngest to the oldest.


A magic new, fresh, dynamic and fun is offered on the stage and in close-up magic. Creating illusions with his imagination and surprises.


A creative and ingenious magic.


Adaptable to any location or environment.


.... And still not finished ..... there is still much more


.......... just let you figure it “ live”.


The magic of Karlus.

 El Gran Thurston
 The Bellboy

 Award National de España Magic Comedy en La Coruña 2010
 Award International de Almussafes (València) 2011
 Award Festival Còmic Figueres 2011
 Award National de España Valladolid en Great illusions 1995 Award National de Francia (Le Puy en Valey) Great illusions 1994
 Festival internacional Almussafes
 Encuentro magico Tamaritde Llitera
 Gala internacional de Lloret
 Festival AsoMagia Vilaseca Mostra de teatre infantil d'igualada Fira del teatre de Tàrrega Festival Encuentros infantiles Miranda del Ebro Festival Figueres Circus Stars ( Festival internacional de circ de Figueres) Festival còmic de Figueres
 Festival màgic de Castelló
 Festival de magia Magicus (Barcelona) Festival de màgia de Sabadell Festival de magia de Villalva
 Festival de magia de Logroño Festival internacional de Almussafes Festival màgic a Andorra
 Festival de magia de Tolosa
 Festival màgic de Llado
 Festival màgic de Besalú
 Festival màgic de Llagostera
 Festival màgic de Llançà
 Festival màgic Poble Nou Congreso Maxico La Coruña Congreso Nacional de Valladolid Congreso Ffap Le Puy en Valey
 Congreso Ffap Dunquerkel
 Blackpool European Fism Different appearances on TV3, Telecinco, TVCuatro and local television and many private parties and holiday village