The Bellboy

Magic, clown & visual comedy

He is lost in the streets ...

Although you know your goal is to take your luggage to the Grand Hotel, but where is it?

The Bellboy, is a very peculiar street show that mixes theater, clown and magic, suitable for all audiences. You can do some traveling by ending fixed part.


A visual show.

Silent show.

Suitable for multilingual public or headset problems..

With his cart and luggage he has enough to complicate himself, he knows he has to touch nothing less to look inside the luggage, and because of his curiosity and not keeping an eye on what you are doing will cause delusional, curious and magical situations.


During his journey he will have problems that he will unknowingly solve by magic or comically.


  A fun performance, with magic dramatized with clowns, gags and visual comedy for all ages.



Artistic team



Actor: Carles Soler (Karlus)

Creation: Karlus and Pere Hosta

Direction: Pere Hosta

Music: Magic Factory

Wardrobe: Carmen Peláez

Scenography: Il·lusions Teatrals

Lighting: Bastaix espectacles



Stage area


Squares, streets, etc., with or without an unevenness and with a space of 5x5 meters


The audience may be around, but preferably in front.


Illumination of the area if it is at night.


Parking place with small trailer and wardrobe as close as possible.


Assembly / disassembly time: 1 hour


Duration of the show 50 minutes (fixed part)

karlus production

CONTACT     TEL  +34 630 080 710