Toilet A clown and magic show. Gestural theater and objects


Waldo writes postcards to his mother explaining that he is happy with his new job: keeping a public toilet perfect.

- Public? A public toilet? Where does everyone go? Ugh, what fear, my son!

For him it is an opportunity to live in peace, away from the smell that is breathed in the world. There inside him, immersed in the most absolute daily life, he reinvents himself at every moment and transforms his reality by playing and breathing life into the objects that surround him, endowing them with a soul.

 - Mother, think that this is a very necessary place. And here I can laugh and joke with new friends!

Waldo always goes around the pitfalls of each day, rolling up his sleeves and sweeping and cleaning with no problem. If he likes to dream and gets confused, it is not for lack of clarity, nor because he is a shit... He does not speak, but he has one thing very clear and that is that "if there is no obvious reason for concern, the best attitude is the indifference to the escape of time.

Now, if the leak is's to shit your pants!

And if you want to go shit, you are also invited!



Artistic team



Actor: Carles Soler (Karlus)

Creation: Txe Arana and Karlus

Direction: Txe Arana

Music: Magic Factory

Wardrobe: Carmen Peláez

Scenography: Il·lusions Teatrals




Stage area


Squares, streets, etc., with or without an unevenness and with a space of 5x5 meters



Illumination of the area if it is at night.


Parking place with small trailer and wardrobe as close as possible.


Assembly / disassembly time: 1:30 hour


Duration of the show 50 minutes (fixed part)


karlus production

CONTACT     TEL  +34 630 080 710