El Gran Thurston

Magic, clown & visual comedy

Who is Thurston?, is one of the best magicians in the world!


Karlus, Thurston's assistant, goes in every day to clean the dressing room, but he knows that strange things happen in that room, and he also knows that it's totally forbidden to touch anything.


A visual show.

Silent show.

Suitable for multilingual public or headset problems..

What happens when the magician's assistant starts playing his tricks or trying to imitate him? Well, you can't even imagine it ...


Objects that move, others that disappear, others ... Better not tell it and see it yourself.

A fun performance, with magic dramatized with clowns, gags and visual comedy for all ages.


Artistic team



Performer: Carles Soler ( Karlus )

Creation: Karlus y Ángel Amieva

Direction: Ángel Amieva

Music: Magic Factory

Wardrobe: Carmen Peláez

Scenography: Il·lusions Teatrals

Lights: Bastaix espectacles.



Stage area



Favorable sizes 8 width x 4 depth x 4 height


Preferable black curtain at bottom.


Lighting 2 environments, one cold and the other warm + cuts.


Assembly time: 2 hours


Time to disassemble: 2 hours


Duration of the show: 60 minutes.


karlus production



info@karlus.es     TEL  +34 630 080 710